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Korea Exchange Bank

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KEB is the only truly foreigner friendly bank in Korea.  Read about some of the benefits of banking and saving with them...
If you're a foreigner working in Korea, you're probably here to save (or at least earn) a lot of money.  So you'll need a bank.  In Korea banking is cheap, safe and efficient.  ATM's always have an English option, though some of the more advanced transactions might not always have English translation.

There are a gazillion of banks to choose from, but after using a few I've found Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) to be the most foreigner-friendly.  This bank is specifically geared towards foreign investors and foreign business people who live and work in Korea.  It's the only bank in Korea with a comprehensive English service on its ATM's and Internet Banking.  It's also the only bank that'll give you printed Bank statements in English.  Something you'll need is you ever need a proof of income for someone of something back home.
Furthermore, KEB offers certain banking products specifically aimed at foreigners, such as a foreigner's savings account and a foreigner credit card.  Obtaining a credit card at other banks often proves problematic, but KEB simplifies the process.  If you live in Seoul, you'll also have access to certain branches of KEB that are foreigner friendly and aimed at the needs of foreign investors.  At any other branch (of any bank) you'll likely to find at least one person able to speak English.

Regarding sending money home, I've done a lot of research and found KEB's remittance service to be the cheapest, especially if you're going to be sending money home frequently.  Most foreigners in Korea doesn't use KEB for their banking needs, simply because it's not one of the major banks whose ATM's are found everywhere.  Don't let this deter you though.  If you're boss asks you about opening a bank account be sure to mention Korea Exchange Bank.

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