ESL South Korea

Paying Bills in Korea

Gas Bill
All stovetops and biolers in Korea uses gas, so does the underground heating system in your flat (called ondol), which you’ll soon enough realise you cannot live without.  For a bachelors flat this bill will average around 20,000 – 30,000 Won ($20 – 30) per month during summer months and 80,000 Won ($80) during the colder winter months when you’ll be using the heating more.

Electricity Bill
Lights, computers, hairdryers, washing machines – these all use electricity of course, but electricity payments are usually very low for a bachelors flat (or even bigger apartments). Around 15,000 – 25,000 Won a month seems average.

Internet Bill
You’ll no doubt have Internet installed in your flat, this averages 30,000 Won a month.

Cell phone Bill
Average 25,000 Won a month if you don’t phone very often (and not internationally which you really shouldn’t do, cheaper options available), higher the more you use the phone.

Water Bill
Some apartment buildings might charge you for water usage, but it’s usually a very small payment that you make in cash to the landlord.


So how to pay these… When you sign up for an Internet and cell phone account, make sure to select the automatic billing option.  This means the bill amount is automatically deducted from your bank account each month, via a debit order.  Simply bring you bank book along when you go to the Cell phone store or present it when a technician comes to install the Internet in your quarters.

As for Utility bills (electricity and gas), these can be paid at the bank.  You can either grab a ticket and wait until a teller calls you, and then present the bill, your Alien card and the cash.  Or you can use the automatic payment machines at any bank.  These are however in Korean so you’ll need some initial help using them.

But the easiest way by far, is to sign up for a Internet banking account with Korea Exchange Bank (which is free with any savings account) and use their English Bill payment service.