ESL South Korea

South Korea Culture

People grow through the books they read, the people they meet and the places they go.  So few things will encourage spontaneous growth in most aspects of your life, as encountering and learning about foreign cultures.

When travelling to Korea, it’s not only smart to learn about Korean culture, but also in many respects necessary

Since Korean culture is so fundamentally different to Western culture in many aspects, it’s necessary to aqcuiant onesself with them.

Many of us come from countries like the United States or Australia.  These have a few things in common, one of which is this:  They’re not very old.  Much of what we would consider American or Australian or South African culture developed during the last few centuries and is, at best, 400 – 500 years old.

In contrast to this, the countries of East Asia house ethic groups and cultures that are thousands of years old.  Korean culture counts among these, and the rich traditions and multitude of customs that stem from ancient ideals and philosophies make for truly interesting reading.

The one common characteristic of Korean culture is Confucianism.  Contrary to what many believe, Confucianism is not a religion, but a cultural philosophy.  Even today, Korean culture remains deeply rooted in ancient Confucian ideals.