ESL South Korea

Weather in Korea

All the lonely planet books are correct when they say that Korea has four very distinct seasons.  If you come from a country with mildish weather then the extreme temperature differences during Winter and Summer seasons can come as a shock.

Korea has a continental climate and despite the fact that the country is situated on a peninsula, natural disasters are uncommon.

Spring lasts from late March to May and is warm with occasional rain. Various flowers, including the pretty cherry blossoms, cover the country’s mountains and fields during Spring and Koreans from all over flock to see the transformation.

Make sure your contract includes a airconditionar in your apartment because Korean summers are hot and extremely humid.   Mosquitoes and other insect life thrive during this time.  Summer lasts from June to early September.

Autumn lasts from September to November, and produces mild weather. It is the best season for visiting Korea and a great time to go hiking and explore the countryside.

Winter lasts from December to mid-March. It can be bitterly cold during this time and temperatures in northern cities like Seoul often reach the -10’s (Celcius).  Snow is often abundant during Korean winters and skiing is a popular pasttime.