ESL South Korea

Why Teach in Korea?

What are the benefits of teaching English in South Korea?  Why teach in Korea when I can work elsewhere in Asia?  Find your answers here.

Few of those who come to teach in Korea end up regretting the decision.  Here’s why…

Monthly salary of $2000/month based on a 30 hour work week
Salaries increase with experience and extra qualifications like a TEFL Certificate.  Possibility of overtime work.

Renewable 12-month contract
High demand for English Teachers, many positions available.

Gain international experience while enriching students lives
Few things will change your perspective on life like gaining International experience.  Those who have traveled and worked abroad always have a broader worldview than their stay-at-home colleagues and friends.

Korea is a Safe and modern country
Foreigners are very welcome in Korea and often receive preferential treatment!  Living conditions are very high and crime is low.

Intriguing language and rich culture
Those who come to teach in Korea experience a cultural milieu normally so vastly different from their own that, more than just being a time where you save money, it turns into a time of personal growth where your horizons are broadened and your mental paradigms are challenged.  No one leaves Korea the same way they enter it!  Read more on Korean Culture.

Central location for continued travel in Asia
Airfare from Korea to other Asian country’s are fairly cheap and the WON’s strength in comparison with the currencies of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia means your international Asian holidays are inexpensive.

Stunning Perks
These include:
FREE furnished housing,
FREE round-trip airfare
Paid holidays,
Health insurance coverage
and some more…
Read more on teaching benefits

Save up to $15,000 per year
Depending on your lifestyle you can save a lot of money during your time in Korea.  A great option especially for those with student debt.